West African Dwarf, Forest, Guinea, Ghana Dwarf, Nigerian Dwarf, Cameroon Dwarf, West African Maned, Mosi, Blackbelly (Cameroon Dwarf), Mayo-Kebbi, Kirdi (southern Chad).
Tropical Dwarf
Special Characteristics: 
More or less trypanotolerant depending on zone and level of challenge; adapted to a hot and humid climate of coastal West Africa.
Main Location: 
Found in a wide area of West Africa from southern Senegal to Chad and to the south in Cameroon, Gabon and Congo; the area has a forest humid and warm climate; maintained by many agricultural, urban and agro-pastoral ethnic groups; specific locations are south-west Nigeria, southern Senegal (Casamance), southern Togo. (Wilson, 1991).
The hairy thin tailed type of sheep originated in western Asia, and entered Africa through the Isthmus of Suez and Bab el Mandeb. Until the third Millennium BC, the hairy thin-tailed sheep was the only type of sheep on the African continent. Domestic sheep had reached Egypt and other parts of North Africa by 5000 BC (Epstein, 1971).