Landoum, White Maure, White Arab, short hair Maure.
African Long-legged
Special Characteristics: 
Coat colour is usually white, with variable amount of black spotting; coat is short and stiff; body size is large (75-90cm height); strong head with flat forehead; facial profile is markedly convex in males and usually so in females; lower face is thin with narrow muzzle; horns are usually present in males, but absent in females; horns are typically curved backwards and then forwards; ears are long to medium, rather broad and pendulous (Wilson, 1991).
Main Location: 
Maintained by the Moor tribes of southern Mauritania (Hodh region), in northern Mali and in northern Senegal, generally north of the 15°N; inhabits pastoral arid areas with low and highly seasonal mono-modal rainfall.
The hairy thin tailed type of sheep like the Touabire originated in western Asia, and entered Africa through the Isthmus of Suez and Bab el Mandeb. Until the third Millennium BC, the hairy thin-tailed sheep was the only type of sheep on the African continent. Domestic sheep had reached Egypt and other parts of North Africa by 5000 BC (Epstein, 1971).