Peul, Peulh, Peul-Peul, Foulbe, Fulbe, Bornu, Sambourou
African Long-legged
Special Characteristics: 
It (Peul-Peul in Senegal) has horned males, and the horns spiral loosely; coat colour is variable but usually white with black or red spots or whole red; coat is short and stiff (Wilson, 1991).
Main Location: 
Inhabits Central Senegal where the climate is semi-arid and subhumid, and the production systems are pastoral and agro-pastoral (Wilson, 1991).
The hairy thin tailed type of sheep like the Fulani originated in western Asia, and entered Africa through the Isthmus of Suez and Bab el Mandeb. Until the third Millennium BC the hairy thin-tailed sheep was the only type of sheep on the African continent. Domestic sheep had reached Egypt and other parts of North Africa by 5000 BC (Epstein, 1971).